Welcome, 2018

OK, maybe it’s because I spent the better part of this year sleep deprived and wearing my pajamas but HOW has it been one year.
This time last year I was 4 days overdue with Amelia and enormous. My dad’s birthday is January 1 and all he wanted was to share it with his granddaughter … but our fiercely independent girl was in absolutely.no.rush to join us. NO RUSH! Moving on.
2017 was truly the most incredible year of my life. Sure, I experienced a whole new level of frustration, of anxiety, of how much coffee one person can drink and still be exhausted but I’ve also never been happier.
Of course, welcoming our Amelia into the world doesn’t compare to any other moment in my life. I won’t elaborate too much because we are celebrating her first birthday on Thursday so I’ll dive into that experience then.
I am also grateful for the growth I experienced this year. Not only becoming a momma, but growth as an individual. I have spent a lot of time reflecting and learning. I am more confident because of that experience. Something I am trying to encourage myself to do in 2018 is take pride in what I have accomplished. I’m a big “it’s no big deal” girl when it comes to my accomplishment but, looking back, I can proudly say I worked very hard and am the best version of myself. I have let go of what has held me back, embraced the emotion that comes with that, and am making time to continue to grow. As cheesy as it is, I owe that to becoming a mom. Wanting to give Amelia the best life meant taking time for myself.
Welcoming 2018 is bittersweet for me. Next week I return to work full time and Amelia will be off to daycare. The emotions that are coming with that realization are complex. That is something I wasn’t prepared for when I became a parent – the complexity of the emotions that come with every single change. Excited while also being terrified. Frustrated but also wanting more. Praying for bedtime then immediately wishing she’d wake up and need me ­čśŤ
So what are my resolutions? Simple.
Continue to work on living in the present moment. I spent much of 2017 worrying about the ‘what if’s’ causing myself unnecessary stress. I want to enjoy what is happening, celebrating those moments, rather than predicting what might happen next.
Take care of my body as I would Amelia’s. It was recently that I thought about what I would eat but wouldn’t give to Amelia. Why should I treat my immune┬ásystem, my stomach, or my skin any differently than hers. To be a good mom, I need to live healthy and model that for my daughter. Since I love cooking and sharing food with family and friends my focus will be on whole, nutritious foods.┬áI will prioritize exercise. To start, I signed up for True 30 Day Yoga Journey, a free, at home yoga challenge offered by Yoga with Adriene (She is awesome!!). I am not focused on losing weight but rather showing my body a little love and be grateful for my health.
Embrace a ‘Less is More’ focus in our lives. Part of why I wanted to start blogging was to showcase some of the incredibly talented people making beautiful things that I’ve been inspired by this year. Many of them are mothers working from home. It may be a bit more costly but the quality outshines that, and I am supporting someone. I’m┬áfocusing on quality versus quantity.
Well, after writing it down, I am excited for what 2018 has in store. I am grateful for the incredible experience of becoming a mother, better understanding the importance of loving your mind and body, and being inspired by a community of women showing all sides of motherhood. I look forward to exploring, learning, and sharing what unfolds this year. To new adventures!

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