Purse (Diaper Bag) Essentials for Momma

Remember packing your hospital bag before your little one(s) arrived with essentials for both you and your baby? Remember when you never prioritized essentials for you ever again? Momma, you’re important. You’re a priority. So, like diapers and a spare outfit for baby are a must for your diaper bag, why should you forget yourself when you’re rushing out the door.

So, what are my Top 5 Purse (Diaper Bag) Essentials for Momma that I never leave home with?

Chelsea King Scrunchie

I’d love to say that my traditional top knot hairdo became the norm after Amelia was born, but I’d be lying. I have a lot of flippin hair (annoyingly so when it’s hot, or rainy, or windy) so that look has been a classic in my life for years. But here’s the game changer: meet Chelsea King – THE most amazing scrunchies. These babies hold ALL my hair and are so beautiful I have no shame rocking my top knot all day. I’ve even rocked the low knot and, it’s awesome!! Now that I’m back in the office I’m as confident wearing a scrunchie with my blazer and heels as I am with my yoga pants because they are seriously beautiful


Sometimes you need something a little sweet to get you through the day. I’m a big believer these days in listening to your body and not living a restrictive lifestyle. But when I say restrictive I mean I don’t like the idea of doing low carb diets. I do believe in being selective. When I have a sweet tooth I’m not grabbing for anything. I love to keep dark chocolate on hand for those moments, especially anything Sea Salt and Almond. My current fav: Theo Organic & Fair Trade Orange Dark Chocolate.

Being prepared with healthier options has two benefits for me: it prevents me from feeling deprived when I feel like a little something but don’t want to eat complete junk and it prevents me from eating complete junk when I’m hangry. Even been on the go and realized you’ve missed lunch and will eat (in large quantities) anything you can get your hands on. That’s me! So I’m proactive, when a sweet tooth moment pops up, I’m covered!

Hand Lotion

I literally don’t have the words to begin because I cannot, seriously cannot, live without hand lotion. I keep it in the car, in the kitchen, in my desk drawer, in my bedroom (get the picture) because it’s just a must. So, side note but it will help drive home why hand lotion is real important to me, I have a condition called hyperhydrosis. Long story short, I sweat … a lot. This includes my hands, feet, and (so sad) my upper lip. Because of this my hands get really dry. My personal fav: Herbacin Unscented Hand Cream. I opt for a thick, creamy lotion to coat my skin and will go the distance.

Lip Balm

Probably an obvious one but important nonetheless. Dry lips are the worst! Lip balm is a little but mighty essential item you can’t forget it. If I’m being honest I can’t say I have a favourite everyday lip balm, I’ve used so many different kinds. If my lips are chapped my go to is Carmex – nothing beats it!

S’well Water Bottle

If there is one thing you need to remember, it’s a water bottle – especially if you’re a nursing momma! Where to begin about the importance of staying hydrated but right now I’m taking about keeping it on hand when you’re on the go. I am completely smitten with my S’well bottle. I never leave home without filling it up! It keeps my water cold and refreshing (on the flip side, it keeps hot bevys warm and soothing) and doesn’t get a funky taste because it’s aluminum. I’m a believer! I can’t go back to just any old water bottle. Oh, and the colours! There’s something for everyone – or in my case, everything for one!

Now dump your purse or diaper bag and restock with things that make your life easier! A momma who can throw her hair up and still feel stylish is a happy one!

Tell me, what are your can’t live without items?



3 Replies to “Purse (Diaper Bag) Essentials for Momma”

  1. Another great post Mandy!!
    I cannot leave without aleva face and hand wipes (natural and vegan) and an essential oil in rollar bottle! ☺❤☺❤

  2. I keep the same things in my diaper bag! I’ve learned twice the hard way to always have my water bottle, even when I’m going somewhere I can have water, and I always have a snack for myself! I’m going to have to check out those scrunchies. I may need to level up my basic spiral plastic ones.

    xo Jannine | http://www.happystylishfit.com

    1. Janninne, those scrunchies will change your hair game forever! I’m glad to know I’m not alone with my must haves!!

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