Nursery Reveal

With both my children I wanted to a calm, peaceful nursery to get to know them in. I sought out designs and decor that were timeless, clean, and adaptable. I like to think I’ve been successful! What you think?

I started off with the change table, glider, and crib from Amelia. It is even more special to me because, aside from the glider, it was once my baby sister’s. I love that it’s been passed on to my kids.

The glider was such a focus for me when I was expecting Amelia. I imagined rocking her to sleep, reading her books, and watching her grow. I recall being told I wouldn’t use it so why worry about which glider I chose. It was quite the opposite. To escape the overwhelming anxiety of new motherhood, we spent many hours in the first few months just her and I in our glider. I look forward to those quiet moments with my little boy.

Mirror: HomeSense | Lamp: Walmart | Glider: Babies R’ Us | Blacket: HomeSense

My inspiration for our little guy’s nursery was the bear blanket with teal & mustard yellow accents. Those became my accent colours; otherwise I stayed neutral. For that reason, I chose a soft, creamy white for the walls.

Here’s my best secret: be patient! I held out, frequently popped in, and tried out decor to make sure I found exactly what I wanted.

Wall Colour: Swiss Coffee by Behr | End Table & Pouf: HomeSense
Art Prints: The Wild

I wanted to mimic the bears in my beloved blanket but found the baby animal prints I used in Amelia’s nursery didn’t quite fit. The simplicity of The Wild art prints were exactly what I was looking for. They were classic, simplistic, and neutral. Bingo! BONUS: The Wild is a local husband & wife run business!

Mirror: HomeSense | Art Prints: The Wild | Lamp: Walmart

It is STILL hard to believe that in just one week we’ll be welcoming our baby boy. I can’t wait to watch our little guy grow up in the space I designed while getting to know him. Soon enough!

What was your inspiration for your nurseries?

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