Note to Self(care)

Earlier this week a friend posted this on her Facebook and I couldn’t help but see an opportunity. Much of why I wanted to write was finding a balance between being a mom and being me – acting as a whole rather than feeling like there was no energy left over for self care. Before Amelia came I understood the importance of taking time to care for myself. I can’t say I’ve been great with remembering that since she was born. I know it’s the norm, and I didn’t mind that I had nothing left over because I knew she was thriving, which was enough. But was it? Was I really being the best I could. For me, the answer was no. I was sluggish, uncomfortable, and torn. It took some reevaluating to realize that to be the best mother and wife I had to take care of myself. It also just so happened that this week I indulged a little at Sephora and snagged some self care essentials. So, going forward, on Wednesday’s (the worst day of the week, in my opinion) I’ll post some of my self care routines and products I love as a reminder that momma is important too!

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