My Favourite Essential Oils Blends

A few years back I was invited to an DoTerra oil party. I went to support a family member and, as noted, I love to learn so it was a win/win.
At the time, I was struggling with a lot of physical symptoms related to issues I was experiencing with my digestive system. One of those symptoms was an incredibly itchy rash, so bad it would wake me up at night. I was taking benedryl on a regular basis.
Of course, the beautiful smells of the oils were calming but what really hooked me was a blend of lemon, peppermint, and lavender for allergies. Holy! The lavender soothed my skin, the cooling of the peppermint relieved the itch. Needless to say, I bought a Home Essentials kit.
From then I used lavender all the time – if you ever use one essential oil let it be lavender. I used it in my bath, rubbed on the bottom of my feet, diffused in my bedroom. I even used it in recipes.
I recall, at the time, saying that I wouldn’t be swapping out everything in my house for essential oils … well … I stand corrected. Oils became part of my daily bedtime routine, my pain management during labour, and how I handled the roller coaster that was postpartum hormones. Now, I use them daily. My favourite way is to diffuse them! There is something wonderful about how smells can affect your mood. Now that I use them regularly I have my favourites. What are my go to blends? Here it is:
Balance & Lime
This is my absolute favourite blend. Balance is a blend of oils that promotes relaxation, creates a sense of calming, and balances emotions (appropriately named). Really no surprise why I’d love this blend right? Then add Lime, known for being uplifting and energizing because of the stimulating smell. I immediately feel like I can recollect my thoughts when I smell this blend. My go to blend, hands down!
Lemongrass, Peppermint, & Lavender 
My morning blend. This really gets my butt in gear. Lemongrass has a strong smell that
heightens awareness, peppermint is so invigorating and lavender (of course) to calm. Perfect for morning! This is also my favourite blend to diffuse while I do yoga – for obvious reasons!
SIDE NOTE – I love mixing a drop of lemongrass with coconut oil and rubbing it on sore muscles! Lavender was the first oil I used with Amelia (after 3 months) because of it’s calming nature. I put a drop in her bath at night time which I can’t deny calms me too!
Geranium, Grapefruit, & Rosemary

The moment I feel the ‘I might kill you’ feelings of that time of the month, this blend is in my diffuser. Geranium is amazing for your skin and hair but it also calms nerves and lessens the feelings of stress. Similar to lime, grapefruit is uplifting because of its invigorating smell. Of course, anytime I’m looking to calm myself I grab lavender. All together this blend calms my nerves and keeps me sane when my hormones are getting the best of me.
SIDE NOTE – during those first few weeks after Amelia was born was when I really fell in love with Geranium. I would put a few drops on the floor of my shower and breath in deeply to calm myself. It is without a question one of my favourite oils. Adding a few drops of grapefruit to my water really makes drinking enough water easier because it’s so refreshing!
Vetiver & White Fir 
Lights out! This is my favourite blend to diffuse at bedtime in my room and, now, in Amelia’s nursery. Can you guess what Vetiver is known for? Calming and grounding emotions – who knew that’s why it would be one of my favourites. I started using Vetiver because it eased me back to sleep when I woke in the middle of the night. I added a drop of White Fir, which smells like a Christmas tree, to promote deep breathing. I found it refreshing and soothing.
I think it’s important to note that I do not sell DoTerra essential oils so my knowledge is only through what I’ve gathered in conversation or reading. DoTerra has a great Pinterest page full of diffuser blends and product information I visit frequently. There are also SO many resources online!
*resource: DoTerra 


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