Happy Canada Day: Five Canadian Brands I Love

Happy Canada Day everyone! I am a notoriously patriotic Canadian; though I do not have a maple leaf tattoo – does that exclude me? I say ‘eh’ more than I should, I can sing along to most Tragically Hip songs, and I love the winter. OK, those are super clique examples but, really, I love being a Canadian. With that patriotism comes a love of supporting creative Canadians and local brands. I set a goal this year to be more mindful about where I shop; my golden rule is to buy Canadian.

In the spirit of celebrating our great country, I’m talking about my five favourite Canadian brands. Here we go:


Anyone tired of me pitching Well.ca yet? To quote one of my favourite songs “I don’t care, I love it, I don’t care” – I’m bad at jokes but you get the point. I am obsessed and order some of my favourite brands at least once a month. A feature I really love about Well.ca is I can filter my search to see only Canadian brands – bonus! Some additional Canadian brands I’ve found because I shop at Well.ca are:

Bummis – based out of Montreal, Bummis makes everything from feminine hygiene products to swimwear. My personal favourite is their Sleeved Bib. I bought one from Well.ca and concluded my search for the perfect bib. It has elastic arms so food doesn’t get up you little ones sleeves and tie to close rather than velcro that can be pulled off.

Native Shoes – I landed on Native Shoes, based out of Vancouver, on my search for reasonably priced sandals for Amelia. I purchased her a pair of Charley sandals and haven’t looked back. They are light as a feather, vegan, and washable. Without a doubt I’ll be looking to Native for next season.

Well.ca has over 40,000 products and Canada’s largest assortment of green & natural brands. Pretty impressive! More and more, I find myself turning to Well.ca for basic things. From the customer perspective, the best part is that there is always a hand written thank you note in your box.


The Green Beaver Company

Speaking of Canadian brands I found on Well.ca, another one that’s now a staple in our home is The Green Beaver Company. The more I learned about how ingredients in our everyday products, like lotions, are absorbed by your body the more conscious I became about what those ingredients were. I started out just wanting to test out the Calming Lavender Baby Lotion and, needless to say, it’s the only lotion I use on Millie now. It boasts ingredients like avocado oil, chamomile, and aloe vera; not to mention it smells like vanilla cupcakes.

Naturally, once the lotion became a must have I adopted the Calming Lavender Body Wash into Millie’s bedtime routine.


Joyous Health

Apple, Beet, & Carrot Slaw with Honey Dressing Joyous Health

I found Joy McCarthy, the holistic nutritionist behind Joyous Health, on Instgram and I instantly wanted to learn from her. She built her company out of her own personal health struggles; I could relate. I read her first book, titled Joyous Health, which changed me outlook on healthy living. It’s not about dieting but instead about living a health lifestyle through a new relationship with food and your body. I can remember someone asking if I was dieting and proudly thinking nope just eating well.

In addition to a wildly successful blog and books, Joy has a line of natural beauty products like deodorant, lotions, and shampoo.



Chelsea King

To say I have a bit of a problem with Chelsea King scrunchies might be an understatement. They are SO good. Well made, beautiful, and effective. Some days it makes all the difference in how I’m feeling about not having time to do my hair (or lack of energy, let’s be honest). This momma has a TON of hair and it stays put in a topknot with a Chelsea King scrunchie. Check out my post on Purse (Diaper Bag) Essentials for Momma to read more about my obsession.

Love Child Organics

Millie would only eat Love Child Organics purees when she cut her first molar

As a new momma I was utterly fixated on getting the best quality food for Amelia. When I read the ingredient list on the back of some baby food products I didn’t feel confident. While I made Millie’s food at home for the most part I turned to Love Child Organics when we were on the go or needed something quick. Founders Leah & John Garrad-Cole built their (Canadian) company thinking as parents first. Their products are nutritionally focused, 100% organic, and free from refined sugars, additives, preservatives, and fillers. In the spirit of Canada Day, most of their products are manufactured in Canada!

Leah is also the author of It All Begins with Food – this family friendly cookbook is my go to in the kitchen. The recipes are satisifying and packed with nutrients for not only Amelia but the whole family. Cheers to making ONE meal! It’s a must have with littles in the house.


I could go on about other Canadian brands I love (and will) but this is my Canada Day 2018 short list. Check it out, I promise you’ll love them as much as I do. Tell me, what are your favourite Canadian brands?



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