DIY Manicure

A manicure has always been a favourite treat of mine. Nothing better than sitting back, letting someone else do all the work, and leaving feeling pretty. But lately finding the time has been a challenge.
With the holidays coming up I wanted to take some time to treat myself so I gathered some readily available home items, my favourite holiday nail polish, and my nail care tools. Even though I did all the work the end goal, feeling pretty and pampered, was accomplish and I couldn’t beat the price 😛
So, here is my step by step for an at home manicure when you want to treat yourself:
1. Trim Nails 
I trimmed my nails to the length I wanted. I keep my nails short so I only trim the top to square my nails.
2. File
I like to keep my nails square. I file the top and clean up the sides of my nails.
3. Soak 
I soaked my nails in warm water for five minutes. I then rubbed my nails with coconut oil to soften the cuticles. This made the next steps easy peasy.
4. Push Back Cuticles 
I used a wooden cuticle pusher but a flat surface will work – I’ve used pointy end of my nail file before. With whatever tool used, be gentle.
5. Trim Cuticles
I won’t lie – this was one area I wished someone else was doing. I accomplished what I needed to so my cuticles looked tidy but I wasn’t as successful as a pro would have been. Nonetheless, I used the cuticle scissors and slowly ran along my cuticle, being careful not to take off too much.
6. Exfoliate 
I mixed some granulated sugar with coconut oil to exfoliate – so easy and does the trick. Rub the mixture all over your hands and nails. Take your time, it feels great!
7. Paint
Base coat, two coats of colour, and a top coat – I let each coat of colour dry for about five minutes
8. Moisturizer 
Coconut oil for the win!
Alright, it pales in comparison to a professional manicure, but it’s convenient and affordable. It’s also an easy way to do something nice for yourself. Enjoy!

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