Date Night Spotlight: The Oven at Honsberger Estates Winery

The idea of sneaking away alone for a date night is so appealing but tell me where the time is. Am I right? I’ve thought about how lovely it would be for Arthur & I to get out once a week but, really, it’s just that; a thought. The truth is that it would be great but we haven’t be able to swing it. The other part of me wants to make memories with Millie. We’re pretty smitten with her and don’t always want to be away. So we dared to have a family date night at The Oven at Honsberger Estates Winery.

Let’s be honest, the idea of being a toddler to a restaurant is daunting. Will she actually sit? Is she going to throw a fit? What are the chances we all end up in tears? I’m being dramatic but it isn’t easy. That isn’t a concern at The Oven. It’s baby (and fur baby) friendly where no one is judging and everyone is enjoying themselves. I’d even dare to say it’s celebrated. The staff and guests alike are accommodating, happy, and welcoming to everyone. So rest assured momma!

Honsberger Estates Winery is a special spot for Arthur & I. We attended a friend’s wedding one summer and were in awe of its beauty; a beauty that comes from its simplicity. Arthur popped the question in 2012 and I already knew where I wanted to have our reception (doesn’t every girl secretly have an idea). In October 2014 we drank wine, ate amazing food, and danced like fools at our wedding reception. Here’s the cool thing; we also left our reception with great friendships with the Condotta family.

Arthur & I feel like we’ve been there since the beginning. When we had our reception there Honsberger Estates Winery was just in the early stages of building up to what it is now. They were bottling some of their first wines, the wood oven was just getting going. For us, it’s special to see what this family has accomplished with hard work, a passion, and each other.

The Condotta family is proud of their farm to table business. What is just as important is family. It’s their roots and their hard work that brought Honsberger Estates Winery to life. Now, with grandchildren running around, it really is a family affair. When you visit The Oven you’re part of the family and you feel that way.

My first tip if you’re going to plan a date night at The Oven: make a reservation! There were so many people out enjoying their dinner and live acoustic music. People were happy and engaged – as were we. We ordered what The Oven is known for: wood-fired pizza. With a glass of Honsberger Estates RosĂ© for me and an Oast beer for Arthur we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

What we enjoyed almost as much was being able to include Amelia. She happily played with Brittany’s son who is just two week younger than her. We took turns walking the property with her and watched as she danced along to the music. Bonus for animal lovers like us were the dogs dining and the beautiful horses grazing nearby. Can you beat that, honestly?

Great food, great entertainment, and great company sums up our first family date night. We will certainly back at The Oven again soon because the atmosphere can’t be beat. Also, did I mention the food is unreal? Gather your girlfriends, your family, or just you two. Enjoy some farm fresh food made right in front of you. Grab a glass of wine and take it all in. It’s worth slowing down for!





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  1. We brought the kids there last summer when Joel was just a baby and Addie was freshly potty-trained. Lunch had some hairy moments, but you’re right that it’s much easier to go to a place where you can get up and walk around, where the kids can run, the staff is helpful and easy going, and if your child (Adelyn) happens to have an accident on the patio (eeek), they wash it away with a bucket of water and nobody is upset.

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