12 Quick and Healthy Halloween Dinner Ideas for Kids

halloween themed mini pizzas

Listen, momma. Halloween is a marathon! Your kids are pumped, their routine is off the radar, and you’re stressing about how many pieces of candy they’ve eaten. Rest assured, I have 12 quick and healthy halloween dinner ideas for kids that won’t add to the sugar overload.

So, cut yourself some slack and save yourself a headache trying to get them to eat dinner when the streets are alive just outside the window. Plan a quick, snack style night, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be unhealthy.

What should I cook for Halloween Dinner?

I’ve collected 12 quick and healthy Halloween dinner ideas for kids. So, when your kid comes home with a pillow case full of sugar, rest assured that they’ve eaten something healthy. Bonus for me: most of the ingredients are what I would already have in the fridge and pantry.

1. Halloween Roasted Veggies

halloween themed roasted vegetabled
Halloween Roasted Veggies | via Live Eat Learn

2. Clementine Pumpkins

clementine pumpkins
Clementine Pumpkins | via Health Home and Happiness

3. Halloween Themed Mini Pizzas

Halloween themed mini pizzas
Halloween Themed Mini Pizzas | via Yummy Mummy Kitchen

4. Jack O’Lantern Stuffed Peppers

jack o'lantern stuffed peppers
Jack O’Lantern Stuffed Peppers | via Make it Grateful

5. Cheese Monsters

cheese shaped like monsters
Cheese Monsters | via Danya Banya

6. Boonana Ghost Pops

frozen bananas covered in yogurt shaped like ghosts
Boonana Ghost Pops | via Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

7. Ghost Hard Boiled Eggs

Ghost Hard Boiled Eggs | via Kid Friendly Things to Do

8. Apple Mummies

apples carved to look like a mummy
Apple Mummies | via Two Healthy Kitchens

9. Guacamole Halloween Bats

mounds of guacamole with corn chips for wings and olives for eggs to make the shape of a bat
Guacamole Halloween Bats | via Fork and Beans

10. Halloween Themed Grilled Cheese

My go to quick meal! I like to use sprouted bread and add shredded spinach and hemp hearts to ramp up the nutrition of this classic.

How to make it Halloween themed? Cookie cutters!! Any shape, any size!

11. Skeleton Veggie Tray

I have found a veggie tray is THE easiest way to get Amelia to eat lots of healthy foods! She isn’t expected to sit still and she can choose what she feels like. Bonus when you’re in a rush like Halloween night, you can throw some in a container for the walk.

For dips, my go to is always Greek Yogurt Avocado Ranch from It All Begins with Food. Greek Yogurt is high in protein so it’s a great choice for making dips extra beneficial.

vegetables arranged in the shape of a skeleton
Skeleton Veggie Tray | via Cooking with Janica

12. Spider Eggs

This recipe calls for a small amount of wasabi but for kids could be omitted

halloween themed deviled eggs
Spider Eggs | via Family Spice

There you have it. 12 quick and healthy Halloween dinner ideas for kids that won’t contribute to you worrying about how many teaspoons of sugar they’ve consumed – win! Enjoy and remember, it’s one night. You’ve built healthy eating habits and Halloween won’t throw that all out (I whisper to myself as well).

Happy Halloween!

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